High-end car hire company Platinum Executive Travel (PET) has completed a significant new build project at its headquarters in Birmingham.

Established in 2006, PET now houses its impressive portfolio of luxury, 4x4 and super cars in its stylish new premises located on Coventry Road in Yardley.

The family-run company is owned by entrepreneur, Saleem Iqbal, who successfully project managed the commercial build within two years from July 2013 to April 2015.

Prior to the recent development, Saleem sold second-hand cars from the same site, while growing the prestigious PET side of the business.

For eight years, Saleem and his family showcased an increasing number of premium vehicles for hire at their nearby home address. As the fleet grew, it became apparent that larger facilities were needed in order to purchase further vehicles and reach into new markets, all while fulfilling existing client contracts.

The plot, which is 10,000sq.ft, accommodates PET’s office space and showroom, with 20 models of Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Mercedes, available for weddings, events and corporate use.

Saleem worked very closely with his architects on a modern design that expressed his vision, so that the building stood out from its neighbouring premises.

But when it came to sourcing tradesmen and materials for the three front showroom doors, Saleem needed something eye-catching that would be complementary to the cars, yet in keeping with their surroundings.

Paul Harrison, central area sales manager at industrial door manufacturer Hörmann suggested the ALR F42 Vitraplan doors, due to the exclusive appearance they can achieve.

With flush-fitted mirrored glazing and concealed, matching frame profiles, nothing detracts from the elegant look of the continuous grey glazing.

“My favourite aspect of the structure is the way in which the doors sit perfectly with the overall design of the building,” commented Saleem. “Now that the ALR Vitraplans are installed, they are even better than I expected.”

For more information on PET and Hörmann, visit platinumet.co.uk and hormann.co.uk.

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