To help raise awareness for mental health, Hörmann UK is offering Psychology graduate Lorna Shaw sponsorship to cover the full costs of a placement working in mental health units across Sri Lanka. Starting in October, Lorna will embark on a number of projects to boost the self-esteem, confidence and life skills of individuals in rural communities.

The funding from Hörmann UK will subsidise Lorna’s training, accommodation, meals, and supplies required for the activities. Living with a Sri Lankan family, Lorna will spend eight weeks working in mental health clinics, children development centres, and psychiatric facilities. Lorna will also spend time in a number of schools for children with specific needs and learning difficulties, such as autism or brain injuries.

Commenting on the sponsorship from Hörmann UK, Lorna said: “I am overwhelmed by Hörmann’s generosity; I never imagined that they would offer to pay the total cost. The placement will allow me to use my Psychology degree in a real life scenario, and more importantly a cross cultural application. It's also the perfect opportunity to give something back as well as develop my own psychological knowledge. When I return, I hope to integrate this experience into a job within the educational or developmental psychology field.”

Managing director at Hörmann UK, Simon Hipgrave, said: “I’m sure Lorna will have a fantastic time and hopefully leave with lasting memories for years to come. Promoting positive mental health is incredibly important, so it was our pleasure to offer Lorna the full amount for her placement. Her work will touch the lives of those in communities that would otherwise not receive this level of care, especially not when it comes to their mental health.”

Hörmann UK endeavours to support causes on both a local and global scale, and is proud to be helping Lorna by providing £1,700 for the full sponsorship of her placement.

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